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>> Friday, January 25, 2008

Ever wanted to get a poll going in your website? Find out people's opinion on different views?

This might help in your decision in buying products in the market or maybe in even designing your website. Otherwise, do it just for fun. Say you want to rate 5 blogs, choose the best you like. Or maybe you want to get the opinion of people on the top 5 shampoo or top 10 shows on TV, do some research on movies, products, books and many more before you buy, view or use them.

Its so easy to join. You can create opinion polls right away , Yes/No style or Multiple choice. Its interactive and you can checkout the results round-the-clock. The system is designed in a way that you need no database of your own, no additional software or IT support. Everything is handled and calculated on Easy Polls' servers quickly and safely.


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