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Just do it or Not?

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They say that the only thing that does not change in this world is the word "change" itself. I am contemplating on a change. I am not just sure if I should go ahead or not. It is always difficult to make decisions like this. Oftentimes, we get so comfortable in the things we do, the things we see, the people we deal with. It is just so hard to face challenges that come our way whether it be for something that might better ourselves or our lives.

Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of loss of what we are so used to? I am not sure. Somehow, I know I have to make a decision soon.


Are you moving?

>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

A lot of people are on the go, whether for business or personal reasons. In our lifetime, we certainly move from one place to another. From one house to another. From one city to another. Even from one country to another.

One of the task we need to accomplish at this point is to transport the things we have accumulated. Our furnitures, our appliances, our clothes, and many more that we have acquired through the years and still need for the years to come.

This is where comes in to our assistance. They help in assisting us in this big change in our life. Detailed guides are uniquely designed so that you don’t leave anything out. Check out their site for more information on Real Estate, Mortgage, Moving, Apartment Hunting, Insurance, Careers, and Home Improvement.

As we move from one city to another , or one state to another , or one province to another province where driving is not possible, we will need car transport as well. For this need, check out They provide free auto shipping quotes and car transport resources & information. Whereas provides shipping quotes for international moves and relocation.


Old Fashioned

>> Friday, January 25, 2008

This week's Photo hunt theme is Old Fashioned

This car was one of the few cars that paraded on the street in Banff. Taken a few years ago on our vacation there.

This photo dates back from when me and my hubby were still dating. A visit to the Museum.

Photohunt information can be found at the hub

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Opinion Polls

Ever wanted to get a poll going in your website? Find out people's opinion on different views?

This might help in your decision in buying products in the market or maybe in even designing your website. Otherwise, do it just for fun. Say you want to rate 5 blogs, choose the best you like. Or maybe you want to get the opinion of people on the top 5 shampoo or top 10 shows on TV, do some research on movies, products, books and many more before you buy, view or use them.

Its so easy to join. You can create opinion polls right away , Yes/No style or Multiple choice. Its interactive and you can checkout the results round-the-clock. The system is designed in a way that you need no database of your own, no additional software or IT support. Everything is handled and calculated on Easy Polls' servers quickly and safely.


Win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer Contest

>> Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Enter to win at MyWoodenSpoonDOTcom

A Cowboy’s Wife is having a contest on her food blog! You can win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and she’ll ship anywhere so everyone is eligible!

The Prize:

Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Eclectrics Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow

The winner will receive a brand new
Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Eclectrics Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow!!

I would love to win this for sure.



>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

This week's Photo hunt theme is Important

My daughter - a very important person in my life

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Trustee Services

>> Friday, January 18, 2008

If you are looking for someone who delivers a flexible and responsive trust service that will meet the needs of a wide range of clients, then Northern Trust is just the provider you are looking for. Northern Trust is a premier provider of banking, asset management and asset servicing to affluent families and individuals and leading institutions worldwide. They have in-house capabilities that include account administration, investment management, securities custody, tax preparation and more.

Northern Trust says and I quote

"Caring for your assets and beneficiary needs with world-renowned expertise and personal attention .For over a century, generations of families have relied on Northern Trust to look after assets and provide property administration expertise. Today, your asset management needs may be quite sophisticated and your beneficiary relationships complex. More than ever, you need an experienced fiduciary. Backed with our broad array of specialized services, you can rely on our: Commitment, Character and Creativity"

So if you are looking for a financial partner to care for your nneeds and help you achieve your goals. Go to Northern Trust for trustee services.



I have just finished one module of CPIM certification. It has a total of 5 modules. It was an acceleratoed course as compared to a 10-week program offered in colleges. The company I work for is sponsoring this course and is done in-house . It goes on for 5 months. On each month, 1 week is alloted to attend a 26 hr course and then take an exam to be able to move on to the next module. I am using half of my time and half company time. It is good I guess because if I were to take this on my own, I have to use all of my own time and invest my money upfront before the company reimburses me.

I am a little bit rusty in this studying concept so have to sharpen up my skills so I can remember all these terms and be able to pass the exam. I have been trying to study this week and do some review. i wish to take the exam before the next module commences in February. Wish me luck.


Steel & Specialty Metal Framing Product Supplier

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Direct from the site, here is an excerpt of what Petro perforated metal is all about.

Petro Wire & Steel
The perfect meshing of product and service.

If you can envision it in perforated metal, we can supply it.
Functional and attractive, perforated metal is seen virtually everywhere in today's world. Depending on the size and shape of the perforated openings-and the gauge-it can be many things. From a behind-the-scenes workhorse at screening and filtering a variety of solids, to a visually appealing diffuser of light and/or air for many architectural applications, perforated sheet metal is the solution that can even perform artistically as a display. Often it is advantageously employed in place of metal sheeting to lighten the weight of some products, without sacrificing too much strength.

So for all your needs in this kind of industry, whether it may be for Wire Cloth, perforated metal,Expanded Metal,Bar Grating, Fiberglass Grating, Grip Strut, Open-Grip, Grate-Lock, Screens, Stair Treads,Hex Metal, Hardware Cloth,Hex Netting, Strainers, Knitted Mesh, Johnson Screens Pultruded Fiberglass Grating, Molded Fiberglass, and Grating go and check out

You can find different grades for different applications of the above list from their site.



>> Monday, January 14, 2008

A snow storm hit us New Year's day and brought joy to my little one as she enjoyed tobogganing down the hill. I did try once and it was exhilarating and fun. The snow has since disappeared. We had a week of mild weather and it melted everything down. Not to worry, there’s a lot more of snow in store by mother nature that will surely bring a smirk to the driving population but lots of smiles, laughter and shrieks from kids who want to have fun with it. Hear my princess' glee as she goes down the hill below.


Find savings on line

A lot of people have resorted to online shopping and I am not sure if all of them know that there are extra savings in store for online shoppers like them and me over at

If you are looking for Coupons to save on that special buy you are about to make, look no more and find it here.

With Valentine's Day so close, flowers and chocolates will be what you would like to send. You may try 1-800 flowers and find special coupons here and ofcouse, some chocolates at chocolate source. See coupons here.

There's are a lot more to choose from whatever you may be purchasing online, be sure to checkout the list of coupons available at


Movies I've seen in the past month T13 ed #9

>> Thursday, January 10, 2008

lovely graphic from Harlekwin

I have been borrowing DVDs from the library over the last month and here's what I've checked out and viewed so far.
1. Pride and Prejudice - I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this audio book and so I decided that I wanted to see it on screen as well. I was not disappointed. The ensemble of actors were all good. I woould recommend to anyone.

2. The Notebook - I have seen this movie before. And I remember liking it. I listened to the audio book and fell in love with the characters, I needed to see the movie all over again. What a great love story. Very good movie.

3. Match Point - kind of a quirky story. Story of love gone wrong all beacuse of the evil of money.

4. Prime - Funny and adorable. Not quite the ending I'd like it to be but hey, Merryl Streep as always gives a glorious performance.

5. Crash - i love the way stories of lives are connected. It is so true. We touch everyone's life without even knowing it. This movie is very good. I liked it a lot.

6. Shop Girl - Shop Girl was quite good too, a different Steve Martin movie. I'm sure the book is much better. They tend to do more justice to the characters than movies.

7. Spanglish - Spanglish was really good. I did not expect such for an Adam Sandler movie but it was really good. The ending was not as I wanted it to be but it was good just the same.

8. Mrs Henderson Presents - I discovered Mrs Henderson Presents from the previews on one of the DVDs I was watching and I surely had to watch it. The trailer was very interesting. It was a good movie. Judi Dench was a delight as always.

9. Under The Tuscan Sun - spoke about this here.

10. Two For the Money - I could watch this movie forever just looking and goggling over Matthew McConaughey's 6 pack. But yah, acting was very good too with Al Pacino in the cast, its contagious I guess.

11. Annie - Ofcouorse I had to check this DVD out not only for my daughter but for myself as well. Annie is quite a character. Would love to see this on stage someday soon.

12. Heidi - What a touching tale. Shirley Temple was delightful. Very cute.

13. Little Miss Broadway - another Shirley Temple movie. Got my kid hooked on oldies movies now.

Did you participate? Join the T13 community.


Jewelries Galore

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ask any girl to check out this site and they would surely go gaga over the luster and designs in this jewelry wholesaler

I was just on the first page and my jaw dropped , nearly drooling to say "WOW".
This is every princesses' dream. Are you thinking of giveaways for parties, Well look no more and find exactly what you need at very reasonable price.

Or maybe you are just looking for a special gift ..there are thousands of choices, from 24 K gold to sterling silver to swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia for pendants, earrings, chains, rings, you name it.
Publish Post
I think I might be shopping here to for some magnetic healing jewelries I will give to my mom for her birthday. What a great find.

Since this is for whole sale meant for businesses, a minimum order of $100 is required.

And if you have any questions, a live help customer service rep is available to answer your inquiries.


Charice Pempengco

>> Monday, January 7, 2008

Here is Charice Pempengco - Philippine's newest little big star and now getting so much international exposure because of You Tube.

Watch her sing "I am Telling You" at Ellen's show.

and here's her rendition of "I will always Love you"


Let's heat up

>> Sunday, January 6, 2008

The cold weather is upon us and sometimes the heater we have just ain't enough. I have always wanted a heater in my bedroom. Its just nice to cozy up and get comfy in the night while reading my favorite book all tucked up in my warm bed.

This electric fireplace is certainly the right product for me. It is attractive and I am sure, it will give me the warmth I need.

There is just a place I can find what I need and that is at

They offer products for indoor as well as outdoor heating. They offer fireplaces as well. Wow, I just saw I this cherry arched cabinet mantel I would love to have. Hmnn, maybe it's time to update my gas fireplace look?

And what about outdoor heating?
Desatech offers top of the line heating products for both indoors and outdoors. Their forced air heaters are perfect for outdoors if you are looking to heat an area up to 2400 sq.ft. Other models like torpedo heaters and shop heaters are also ideal for outdoor heating which not only feature clean burning and quiet operation but are also very reliable and safe to operate. Same is true with kerosene shop heaters



>> Saturday, January 5, 2008

This week's Photo hunt theme is Delicious

Somehow, I knew this photo will come in handy one day. This was the dessert served on the gala night of the PartyLite Conference I attended last August 2007 in Toronto.

And yeah, it was Delicious.

Photohunt information can be found at the hub

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Learn to play piano

>> Friday, January 4, 2008

I've always wanted to play the piano. However I have never had any piano lessons in my life. Everytime I see a piano, I try to touch it and hope that I will somehow learn to play a tune one day. I somehow try to key in some notes hoping to get a music going. publishes a free Piano lessons & piano chords via email newsletter. It is sent out every 5 days or so and lasts for 101 issues. There is no cost for the email newsletter.

Full-blown piano courses on DVD for adults are for sale which are mentioned in the newsletters. There is never any obligation to purchase them. However, this is a good opportunity to start learning on your own and maybe play the music you've wanting to.


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