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>> Wednesday, July 25, 2007



>> Saturday, July 21, 2007

This week's Photo hunt theme is Tiny

My tiny item in this photo is the boat , at least from the viewer's perspective.
There are also tiny birds on the trees. Can you count how many?

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13 music CD's I've listened to in the past month - Thursday 13 ed#3

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Driving to work takes me between 45 minutes to an hour. And back home takes roughly the same time, give or take a quarter or more depending on traffic.

I usually listen to the radio but I've found it soothing to listen to some CDs of my favourite artists instead of just listening to traffic and news repeated every 15 minutes.

So here are 13 of the albums i've listened to so far
1. Michael Buble's
"Call Me Irresponsible". Checkout this site for some neat songs and videos
2. Diana Krall's "The Look of Love"
3. Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape"
4. Carrie Underwood's "Some Hearts"
5. Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad"
6. Celine Dion's "Falling into You"
7. Sarah McLachlan's "Surfacing"
8. Roch Voisine's "Kissing Rain"
9. "When I Look in your Eyes"Diana Krall's
11. Ally Mc Beal SoundTrack featuring Vonda Shepard.

And some Filipino artists

12. The Best of Sharon Cuneta CD
13. Lea Salonga's "In Love"

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>> Saturday, July 14, 2007

This week's Photo hunt theme is Shadow

Photo taken from our recent camping trip.
The family went rock climbing and this was taken on the highest peek of the mountains/rocks.

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View taken from the top of the hill we climbed.

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The Big Apple

>> Thursday, July 12, 2007

No this is not a post about New York but rather this big roadside attraction.

A few weekends ago , we had a little road trip to Kingston, Ontario. We were attending a birthday party. Its about 2 hours drive and so the company of my sister and cousin plus my daughter and niece were good for me. A side road attraction came to view, which was about an hour from where we got off. This is called the "Big Apple". It was fun. We got to look inside and went inside the shop as well to buy some apple pies. and also browsed their

displayed framed photos of other big fruits. I was fascinated and so I googled them . Check it out.

I found out that there is a Big Pineapple, Big Banana, Big Mandarin,Big Cherries and many more. Heck, you can definitely make a fruit salad out of that. Check out this Big Fruit Bowl.

big fruit bowl

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Scenic Scenes taken at Camp - T13 ed #2 Thursday 13 ed #2

Went to camp last week and took some photos. The beauty of nature is indescribable. So here's a photographic take on it. Enjoy!

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An encounter with the wild

>> Friday, July 6, 2007

Was in a camping trip with the family for a few days.

We were hoping to catch glimpses of wild life during our camping and true enough they came and I had the camera ready.

As we drove by the road, we chanced upon this beautiful creature and then I said loudly "deer". My hubby slowly reversed the car and the deer was oblivious of our presence. It continued on with what its doing, feeding on the yummy grass I guess. And so I was able to take some good photos.

On our way out of the camp, I said " Maybe, we'll see a bear today before we leave". And much to our delight, we sighted a black bear close to the garbage area. We were actually there to throw our garbage. The bear saw us so it ran up the hill. We U-turned and parked the car hoping to see it again. And yes it was still there, I guess it was hoping it will get lucky with the garbage. I was only able to take a few shots. He or she was hiding by the trees, You can see something black by the bushes though.

It was nice. Now we can say we have seen a bear.

Seeing them in the wild is so much different as seeing them in a zoo.

To see more of the photos I took of these animals click here


Vanity measured

>> Sunday, July 1, 2007

You Are 63% Vain

You're a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.
Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don't have to remind them.

Got his from Gracita and read it at Jhoanne's and thought it looks like fun to do it as well.

I guess I am a bit vain. But I am simply taking care of myself.

Here are some habits/routines I do :
1. I do a facial routine everyday. For morning, cleanser (I do this everyday in the shower). Then toner, then moisturizer with SPF 15. At night, I use use toner again and then a night moisturizer and eye cream. I use the ANEW line from Avon.

2. Last month I had a facial and will do it again this month or every two months. If not, at least every season.

3. I like getting pedicures, So every 2-3 weeks I get a manicure and pedicure done. I go to this Pinay who really does it well and does not charge an arm and a leg like the salon although the salon treatment is heavenly - i just love those, just way too expensive. $40 to get a pedicure. Maybe once or twice a year.

4. Eversince watching "What not to wear" from TLC, I have gotten better with my wardrobe choices which means more shopping when the season changes and getting the latest fashions appropiate for my age and my figure.

5. Hair, I use Pantene. I try to get hair colour every 3-4 months. I tried doing it myself but results were not very good. Gray hairs and roots show up faster. So I'm sticking to a hair specialist from now on.

6. I love open toed shoes or sandals, so this summer I take advantage of being able to do that. However it's been making my soles and ankles a bit rough, so I like to pamper my feet with some special lotions and scrubs.

7. I am a wash and wear kind of gal, with hair and clothes. So this is one thing I need to improve on.
For the hair - I rush to get ready for work so I have barely anytime to do my hair drying and sometimes straightening. So I just let it air dry. In the winter, I try hard to blow dry before going out. Results are not always good since it gets frizzy. I have to be more dilligent if I want to be pretty huh?
For clothes - I need an automatic ironer , if there is such a thing. Its so expensive to get clothes dry-cleaned. Maybe Pining can help me with my ironing.

8. I like to match my jewelries with my clothes.

9. I dont wear a lot of makeup, sometimes I have none at all. Lipstick is a great touch for sure. Especially if you use a lip-liner.

10. Eyebrows when trimmed or shaped nicely makes you look younger, which reminds me I have to get mine done. I've been having it threaded now instead of waxed.

Want to list your own kakikayan? Let me know so I can come and learn about you.
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