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>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I saw this meme at Frigga's blog and thought it'll be nice to do it and pass it on.
I am tagging >Missy Misyel and >Kiko on this meme.

Here's what you do: type the answer to each question into Google image search engine, and post the first picture that comes up.

1. age at your next birthday: 39
Must be a highway sign. I am close to the highway of where my life begins.

2. place I'd like to travel: Paris
- Wasn't expecting this. I thought it'll be the Eiffel Tower. I guess Paris Hilton is a top search in Google.

3. favorite place: The sofa by the fireplace
Its winter and wouldnt it be nice to curl by the fireplace reading your favourite book?

4. favorite object: Angel Sculpture
not this one in particular , soomething smaller displayed in my living room.

5. favorite food: kare-kare
- A Filipino dish, really good and I cook it really well. Although I like my kare-kare more meaty rather than fatty. This one in the photo used lots of tripe.

6. favorite color: Pink
- Another celebrity result. I picked one I really liked first but to stay true to the meme, I'm posting the 1st image which was Pink.

7. nickname: Leah
- First result is way too hot to post here, I guess my namesakes are just too hot too handle. Well, I went for a more wholesome result , the 2nd photo.
Leah Remini

8. where you were born: Pasay City, Philippines
Yup, a map. Its a City very close to Manila


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