>> Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was tagged by my cousin Kiko.

Although I did answer other meme's on 8 things about me or 5 things you might not want to know about me , I can certainly lists some more.

So here goes 7 truths about me....more like more little things about me...I say.

1. I love going to the beach despite the fact that I cant swim and I dont like getting dark. But its inevitable, come summer time, I will get dark and I have accepted that. Anyway, come winter - I am nicely tanned.

2. I just love the crinkling sounds of the crunching leaves under my feet. As my shoes scrounges the fallen dried leaves, it just creates this aura of certainty, that life goes in circles. Where once these leaves where way up high in the tree, now it goes back to the ground and grows all over again.

3. I like snow but I dont like driving on it. Its nice especially when its freshly fallen snow and its all white and fluffy. I am and will always dream of a "white Christmas"

4. Winters here in Canada seem to get longer every year. So, come Spring time is one of my fave seasons...its just like Baguio weather. Plus it commemorates my wedding anniversary and my daughter's birthday.

5. Stuffed toys and animals were part of my collections before but somehow as I grew older or shall I say, I became a mom, it became less and less interesting for me. Somehow, I've considered it now as a dust collector so I tend not to buy them as often as I did before. Although I still gravitate towards all cute stuffed animals wherever it may be.

6. I dont like okra. So I am not keen on eating the ever famous "pinakbet".

7. I like to give giving out prizes for contests is a delight for me. That's why I love Christmas, its the season for giving. So any instance I can get the chance to give something (as long as I can afford it) , I take it. I guess, that's why I love shopping too. Now, I wonder what my next give-away will be?
Mind you, I do love receiving presents and awards as well. So thank you again to Gina and Annamanila for my birthday presents.


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