Game Plan and Dreamer

>> Monday, November 12, 2007

Is it Father's Day? it seems like the theme of movies we've watched this weekend was all about dad and daughter relationships.
Last Saturday, My sister and I together with our daughters went to see a movie. We were planning to watch "The Bee" movie but the movie theater we went to did not have this in the line up. I guess, I did not check good enough at to check out the schedules. I really thought it was there. Anyway, we ended up with this movie . It stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Madison Pettis. While the movie "Game Plan" was suppose to be a comedy. The tears flowed down my eyes on this heartwarming story of a famous football player who learns of a daughter he has never known he's got. It is actually a good movie. I glanced over my sister and saw her wiping her tears away. Her daughter too balled her eyes out. My daughter? Ahh...she said she almost cried, she said " i had a very heavy heart mommy, I almost cried". I think she felt left out that we were all crying, that she said after the movie ..."we can watch it on DVD mommy and I will cry then".


And Sunday, I went to the library and borrowed a couple of DVDs and some books.

One of the DVD movie I got was called "Dreamer" and found it to be really good too. It stars Kurt Russel and Dakota Fanning. Another heartwarming story of how this father and daughter team brought their relationship to new heights while caring and training an injured breed horse back to victory.

All in all. It was a a good weekend.

I should tell my husband to watch these movies with my daughter, I wander if they'll cry?


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