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Santa Claus Parade 2007

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last Saturday, we watched the Santa Claus Parade in Oshawa.
A year ago, we were out and about here to watch the Santa Claus Parade too. I did blog about it over here. And yes, it was the same cold and freezing night. By the time the parade was over, my toes were frozen. Although the whole family was ready with our lawn chairs, blankets and all donned in our winter coats; just sitting there and watching tends to freeze you up. Next year, we will wear our thermal socks and thermal shoes.

All in all, it was a fun time. The time was well spent. We had our popcorn and hot-chocolate milk in tow while awaiting the parade to start.

Here are some photos we took. Pardon the darkness.

'Tis the season for this event. This year's Santa Claus Parade in downtown Toronto was last Sunday. My sisters and my cousin went on that one. Maybe Misyel will blog about it. This parade is the one we wanted to go to but it was just too far and too cold. Plus, my little girl is just recovering from a bad cold. Nonetheless, we watched the telecast over at Global TV. Go over to their website and check out if it is now available. They mentioned that the coverage will be available on line until the end of December or was it early January.

Santa has come and is probably over at the malls now handing out candy canes while kids hop on to his lap for a nice cheery Christmas photo.

So are you awaiting Santa's arrival for Christmas? Stay good then!


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