A Fall Walk

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The weather has been amazingly warm. This is global warming indeed. But I am not complaining. The gorgeous weather wouldn't keep me away from the outdoors. So the family went out and took a stroll at one of the beautiful Parks that Ontario can offer.

The colours of fall simply amazes me. There are just too many hues and variants of orange, red, yellow, brown and green. It is just a feast to the eyes. In fact, I was listening to the radio a while a go and these golden hues and earthy browns could just be the fashion colours of the season.

Don't you just love the crinkling sounds of the crunching leaves under your feet. As your shoes scrounges the fallen dried leaves, it just creates this aura of certainty, that life goes in circles. Where once these leaves where way up high in the tree, now it goes back to the ground and grows all over again. are some snaps from the afternoon walk.


Toni April 3, 2008 at 9:20 PM  

Those pictures look like they're jumping out of a postcard!

Thank you for sharing the magic of autumn with me, Leah. :)

All your answers just made me even more curious about the season!

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