The Big Apple

>> Thursday, July 12, 2007

No this is not a post about New York but rather this big roadside attraction.

A few weekends ago , we had a little road trip to Kingston, Ontario. We were attending a birthday party. Its about 2 hours drive and so the company of my sister and cousin plus my daughter and niece were good for me. A side road attraction came to view, which was about an hour from where we got off. This is called the "Big Apple". It was fun. We got to look inside and went inside the shop as well to buy some apple pies. and also browsed their

displayed framed photos of other big fruits. I was fascinated and so I googled them . Check it out.

I found out that there is a Big Pineapple, Big Banana, Big Mandarin,Big Cherries and many more. Heck, you can definitely make a fruit salad out of that. Check out this Big Fruit Bowl.

big fruit bowl

Originally uploaded by muni-muni


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