My Gift

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well...2 weeks from now will be my nth birthday and I am celebrating it with a night of serenade with the man I've been dying wishing to see for a while now. I've spent late nights just to finish all those soap operas he stars on like Walang Kapalit and Sa Piling Mo. So pardon this post of "ala-teenage" crush sorts. After all, I'm entitled to a birthday gift, ain't I?

Well, I've got VIP seats to Piolo Pascual's concert here in Canada. Its called Piolo Pascual Live in Brampton.
Mister Pinoy heart throb, Piolo Pascual is definitely going to make my day.

So for those who are here in Toronto and wouldn't mind an hour's drive to Brampton, more info can be found here.

So this is My Gift to myself.


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